Help Rolling Fatties! w/ pics

I have had a few requests to show in detail the production of the perfect fatty, with pics. I hope this helps. There has been some discussion of using bratwurst sausage in a fatty. I bought a couple packs of the johnsonville brat patties. They were on sale 2 lbs for 6 bucks. So thats what I used for this example. I am doing lots of fatties today, the first two just happen to be brat meat.

1. Put meat into 1 gallon zip lock baggie, no need to seal, cheapo bags are fine.

Roll them out as thick as you want, cold meat rolls better and sticks to the baggie less. these are rolled out to about 3/8" thickness.
Now cut up the sides of the baggie right along the seam, just lift the baggie side up and slip a knife down into the corner, poke it through, and slice up to the top. It should lay out flat like this!

2. Now fill with your favorite stuffing materials, this one is a mixture of cheeses, with a little bit of butt rub sprinkled below the cheese.

3. Now take the right side and start to fold it over the left (I am right handed). You may have to push some of the cheese back into the fold. Close it over and mate the ends together and it should look like this tube.

4. Keep working the roll towards the end of the split baggie. work on crimping the ends of the tube as you go. It should look like this.

5. On a seperate piece of celophane/Saran wrap, lay out 4-5 strips of bacon next to each other. Take the fatty over to the celophane, and roll it off the zip lock, onto the end of the bacon rolls.

6. Pick up the end of the celophane and allow your fatty to roll itself over the bacon strips.

7. Take it right to the end, it should appear something like this.

8. Now spin that whole work of art 90 degrees and get ready to roll it up in the celophane.
Add a little rub or desired spices and roll it up, this time folding the saran wrap in with itself to make a seal. It helps if the tray you are using is against the back of the counter, so it will stay pushed back.

9. Now take the twisted ends in your hand, lift and bring it towards you, set it back down and push away. keep doing this till it starts to tighten. Hold the ends tight and repeat a few times. The fatty will become shorter and fatter. The ends will seal themselves nicely and the bacon will tighten.

10. You are done. Now fold the tag ends under the fatty and stick it in the freezer for 5-15 minutes. This will firm it up so you can handle them without breaking them while putting them on the smoker.

After 2 1/2 hrs or when the internal temp reaches 160 - 170, then take them off and let them rest/cool before slicing.

Ok, I hope that helps some folks enjoy the smoked fatty!