An oldie but a goodie that really compliments good Q. Even the missus loves this one. We mix it a large cermamic lemon jug full of it for summer parties and it is always well recieved.

1 part Tennessee whiskey
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Sweet and Sour mix
4 parts 7 up

For a pitcher squeeze in two fresh lemons and cut a third into slices to serve as garnish in drink glasses. If you are doing a full punch bowl add more lemons (to taste).
While the traditional recipe uses Tennessee whiskey we like to go with Buffalo Trace or Ezra Brooks Kentucky Bourban.
Triple Sec- the Dekuyper brand is ***** and easy to find.
Some people use Sprite, but we prefer less sweet 7-Up.
Colder the better- this drink is awesome as cold lemonade usually is. In the bowl you can float frozen ice packs or make your own with ziplock baggies full of ice. Ice in the glass is great, not in the mix though.