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    SmokyOkie Guest

    Default KC area Smokin' Guns BBQ

    A short drive form the south side to North KC, and we were at the legendary Smokin' Guns BBQ, yep, the same Smokin' Guns that holds more championships than you can coiunt, whose rubs are used clear across the country in BBQ competitions, and the smae Smokin' Guns that were on Guy Fieri's TV show diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

    All this, and one might expect to get served some world class Q.


    The atmosphere was typical of a small q joint and needed more lights and updating. It was order at the register, be seated , and they bring it to you when it is ready.

    We were all anxious to dig in when our food showed up, but what a giant disappointment.

    the food all appeared to be pre cooked and nuked just before serving. The beans were OK, and the oil and vinegar slaw wasn't bad, but the ST Loius style ribs were so so at best, they weren't even cooked clear through, they hung tight to the bone, and worse yet, they weren't even hot clear through.

    We all went for an order of their "World Famous burnt ends".

    Friends, let me tell you, they were harder and drier that Ol' roy dog food. I mean even a liberal dose of sauce didn;t help. The waitress came by and asked how everything was, and when I told her how bad they were, she just kinda shrugged and walked off.

    Two of the members of our party said they saw them opening zip lock bags of burnt ends from the fridge, poured a few on a plate and nuking them.

    We heard someone say that their bacon au gratin taters were really good so we ordered some to pass around the table. We all pictured a small casserole bubbling with cheesy bacony goodness, but what we got was a small styro ramekin with some pasty tater mush and a little (heavy on the little) cheese and bacon in it. It too, of course, had been nuked.

    I have pix coming (as soon as the Okette finds her camera) and will post them soon.

    If you are considering paying them a visit based on their reputation you might want to reconsider. these folks obviously know what good BBQ is. they just don't care to go to the trouble of serving it.

    Because of the sides not being too bad, I will give them 2 out of 5 possible stars.

    Sorry, no pix of the food. There just wasn't anything worth taking pix of.

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    Jan 2008
    Carthage, MO


    Sorry that it wasn't a special place to eat. Strange that they wouldn't have their Q down better than that. I use their rub and people really seem to be happy with it.
    Plank Owner ..................
    I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!

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    SmokyOkie Guest


    I think it's like I said Joe, they just don't care as much when it isn't competition. I mean, all you had to do was just look at the burnt ends and you could see how dry they were...even hard in some cases, yet they continued to serve them anyway, and seemed very unconcerned when I said something about it.

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    Oct 2008
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States


    But the food looked so good on Triple D's
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    SmokyOkie Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Butt Lover's View Post
    But the food looked so good on Triple D's
    I would imagine that they posed it well for the camera.

    What they served us didn't.

    I will continue to use those products of theirs that I like, but I will not return to their restaurant.

    I feel confident the neither will peculiar Mike and Jane.

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    Jan 2008
    South of Peculiar, MO


    You are CORRECT O-Smoky One. We will not waste the gas to drive back up there. And we will not tell anyone to give the place a try.
    They cook their food elsewhere, haul it in and reheat it.

    Big disappointment.

    Shoulda known - couldn't smell smoke.

    And "If you can't smell smoke it ain't a barbecue joint". (peculiarmike)
    "If you can't smell smoke it ain't a barbeque joint" peculiarmike

    TQJ Plankowner

    "Life's tough.....It's even tougher if you're stupid."
    - John Wayne

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    May 2008
    Hampden, MA


    That's a shame. Doesn't sound like you just caught them on a bad day, either.

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    Sep 2008
    Central MN


    Sounds like you got both barrels on your visit. Bad food, and bad service. Great way to cultivate return customers...
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    SmokyOkie Guest


    I forwarded a link to this thread to the folks at Smokin' Guns and got this back from Phil:

    -- Phil Hopkins wrote:
    > > After 8 yrs and very few complaints i can assure you that is not the
    > norm,
    > > we have grow 10 fold from day one and will keep doing what we do so well,
    > in
    > > most people's opinion. We run some pretty good numbers and people numbers
    > > for it too be all that bad.Most reviewers (like in the past ) try a place
    > 2
    > > or 3 times, IE days, nights, busy, not busy, in-house, to go, to form a
    > good
    > > legit opinion. Again sorry you had a bad time. If your ever in the area
    > > again please try again it's on me.
    > >
    > > Phil- Good Q'n to ya :>)

    If I am back up that way, I'll prolly give them another try because of his request.

    Thanx for taking the time to reply Phil.

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    Feb 2011


    Iím surprised you had such a bad experience at Smokiní Guns, my coworkers and I go at least twice a month and we love it!
    The cozy atmosphere when I first walked in made me feel like I was going to a BBQ at a friendís house, and I could not believe all the awards and ribbons on the walls. . I always get the burnt end plate with potato casserole and it hasnít failed me yet. The meat is always hot, juicy, and moist, and the potato casserole is the best Iíve ever had. Iíve never had a problem there but if I did Iím sure the friendly and courteous staff would do whatever it takes to make it right.
    I have been eating KC BBQ all my life, and Smokiní Guns is hands down the best BBQ Iíve ever had. I sincerely hope that you will give them another try.

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