This is the new Maverick ET-732.

They say that they tried to take the ET-73 and fix everything that folks complained about and fix it.

Receiver on the left, transmitter on the right

Back of receiver has a flip out stand, but does not have a belt clip. I would like to see a belt clip, but the unit fits easily into a pocket.

Back of transmitter has a clip that rotates 180 to either be a stand or a hanger.

While the cables are thicker and more heavy duty, they still aren't as heavy as the OS AW-131. (the darker one with the knurled connecter is the OS cable)

No need to get into the battery compartment to resynch the units. No more infinitesimally tiny switches that break easily. Now an alert to let you know if you are out of range, and the settings are saved even if you turn off the unit, let alone go out of range. Units resynch automatically when you come back into range, and range that covers me anywhere on my property, even through the house.

This unit gets a thumbs up all the way around from me.

If you need to know anything else about this unit, post the questions here and I will do my best to keep them answered as they come up.