The combined teams of Left Hand Smoke (swamprb) and Smoking Ty's BBQ (Ty Staley) converged on my meat sponsor and cooked a first for all of us-my first whole pig, and the first pig cooked on Ty's Klose pit. All meats provided by the Butcher Shop Cafe in Kenmore, WA.

Check out my slideshow:

And some behind the scene pics from my friend Northwest BBQ, PNWBA webmaster and BBQ Photographer Michael Stevenson

We cooked the 60lb pig, stuffed with 30lbs of Berkshire pork butts, 100lbs of Kobe Brisket packers, 50lbs of Kobe rib roasts, tied for Spencer cuts, 20lbs of Kobe Tri-Tips, Bill the Butcher gave us a sausage seminar, and smoked 20lbs of bone in chicken breasts that Bill used for a Brunswick Stew during the week at the cafe. They served the meats as sandwich combos -choice of meat, 2 sammies, 2 sides, 2 drinks for $12.99!

We plan to team up on some events next season, probably use the Klose in PNWBA land, and Ninja cook with bullets on the long haul.

Enjoy the pics! This could turn into a monthly thing for all of us!