On a revent trip out east, we had the pleasure of eating at a funky little pub in Gorham, NH called SAALT. It is evidently an acronym using the owners initials or something like that. It is downstairs from its more upscale big sister Libby's Bistro.

We found the atmosphere to be very cozy and intimate as well as extremely unusual. It was evidently also the basement of an old bank because there were two vaults that you could dine in if you liked. They were a bit claustrophobic for me.

The owner was on site (and I'm told always is, all the staff treated us like an old friend, and if we lived there, I would not cook at home much.

If you should happen to come within 50 miles of Gorham, NH, I would urge you to stop in for a meal here. I just don't see any way possible that you could be any less than impressed.

They made a lamb rib stew for us as well as an herb filled lamb burger. Everything was made on site including the bread. The mint and horseradish aeoli on the burger was the perfect addition to the perfectly cooked burger, and I can't even begin to describe the dpthe of flavor and body of the stew

Chef Kenny, a definite student and admirer of Mario Batali was pretty much in command of the kitchen wearing his orange Croc's clogs and sporting an undersized fedora cocked to one side, and displaying his pork tattoo.