Hi everybody, I'm very new at this low and slow and have been doing a lot of reading to learn. Please move this post if it's in the wrong place.
If a brisket is moved from an indirect griller to a 175 degree oven after the internal temp. is over 140 degrees, how long in the oven is needed? A 12 pound packer brisket is used.
I'm asking this question because due to being limited to a 22" kettle indirect grilling is as close to low and slow as I can do. I did a packer this way at 250-300 degrees, meat on the grill for two hours, then into a pan for 3 1/2 hours with mop sauce. At internal termp. of 185 put brisket in pan with all juices into a cooler with blankets to rest for 3 hours. The brisket was tender and tasty-won't be messing with tri tip for awhile.
Will the 175 degree oven finish the brisket properly for slicing? All advise and suggestions are appreciated. Parts for a reverse flow cooker are being collected. Thanks in advance for all help.