Well, I had a order with Klose pits on a big ole off-set until we were going over the budget and my gal had a fit at the price I paid on it!!
I had that sucker paid in full (checks were in the mail anyway)!

After hours of constant female nagging I had to call David and cancle my pit!!

I hate my gal, she is mean, not very understanding of my male needs and her parents dress her funny

OK, I feel better now. Naw, I still love her! I should know by now to check with her first before I spend a bunch of

money, especially when we don't have a bunch of money!!

Cooler heads have prevailed and I have found another pit that is really sweet and more in our budget and it will probably hold as much grub as that Texas monster was going to!!

It is on order and I will post about it when It is built in about 5 to 6 weeks!!

No, I aint telling what it is...y'all gotta wait like I have too

Hey Darlin, where are you going with my @*&*%'s, please can I have them back, the fellas are bringing theirs.....to be continued