The Green Mesquite has two locations as of this writing, I visted the Barton Springs location (which I think is the original).

The Green Mesquite is in a restaurant enriched part of town, I had to park almost two blocks away as they only have half as many parking spots as tables. The staff is great, and in the prime dinner hour I was there over 100 plates came through this 3 1/2 foot window. The one guy working the pit, and another fixing the plates were both jumping the whole hour.

I ordered the three meat combo , Brisket, Sausage, and Spares. Tater salad and beans complete the package. Price was one of the lowest of this group so far, $11.36 tax included. The brisket was succulent and had a nice rub burned onto it,Cut into almost 1/2" thick slices. The ribs were juicy at the big ends but not so much at the lil ends, one weird thing is the membrane was still on it. The link of sausage was perfect. The ketchup based sauce served on the side was unnecessary, but complemented the rubs/sausage spices nicely if used and had some zing.

I think the potato salad was my recipe. It tasted nearly exactly to mine, with horseradish and sour cream flavors floating through it. The beans were tasty, but I left some in favor of finishing everything else. Next time I come to Austin I am making a bee-line for this place.