Chisolm Trail BBQ

This is one of those places that has been around so long the locals have all forgotten it. The run down street view lend it a "dive" atmosphere. Not dangerous like a biker bar, but naughty looking.

I think they served up about 20-30 plates while I was there. The inside continues the dive theme, not dirty (quite the opposite) but just old stuff from the 70's everywhere. I ordered up a 2 meat combo plate (I learned my lesson yesterday) of sausage and Brisket, with sides of tater salad and beans. It looked kinda like this:

I had ordered the "moist" brisket, and it was. A little fally aparty, but melts in your mouth. Sauced or unsauced it was good. Sausage was nothing special to write about, but good just the same.

But here is the news: Best potato salad in Austin!. I talked to the owner about it, the recipe is known to go back 3 generations that he knows of. I could taste something really interesting in there (Dill?) but it is just a whisper of it whatever it is. I didn't push him for the recipe, but he talked to me for probably 10 minutes about the history of the place, the history of the pit itself, etc. Great folks here.