County Line On the Lake This is one of 6 locations as of this writing.

This is way more upscale than any of the places visited thus far. Though they have Q in their name, they are also well known for steaks and prime rib. I'd guess they served up 200 plates while I was there, Dinner on a Wed night!

Before I could order , out came a half loaf of very fresh from the oven bread. Each slice is over an inch thick (I have to remember I am in Texas and not be surprised by really big things).

I ordered the 5 meat combo. what was I thinking! I ended up taking over two pounds of meat back to the hotel. Brisket, a sausage, sliced turkey, BBs and a beef rib. Tater salad, cole slaw, and beans round out the package.

The first thing that sortof ruined it for me is they serve everything pre-sauced, so I can't tell you the flavors of some of the meats because the sauce is a bit overpowering. The word of the day was vinegar. If you like vinegar based sauces this place will bring tears of joy to your eyes, as the textures of all of the meats were near perfect. But only the beef rib had enough meat for me to get under the sauce and taste the actual meat (it was very tasty indeed).

Even the tater salad was rather heavy with vinegar for me. But it's texture and crunch were nearly exactly like my own, so I found myself eating it even though I kinda didn't like it. I found the cole slaw strange, besides the vinegar thing, it was sortof "Chopped" cabbage instead of shredded.

Beans were average, adding sauce didn't help (probably because I was overdosed on sauce already).

I have to admit the brisket gets special mention because it is unique to my experience here so far. They start with a brisket that is too lean, and they realize it, so they slice it paper thin (see pic). Slicing it thin solves the too lean issue, sortof like with tenderloin. I thought it was a great solution. It was tucked under the beef rib, so the sauce missed getting all over it. Sliced this thin the meat would disaapear under heavy sauce.

If you order with sauce on the side (or none at all) these ratings apply. With sauce piled on at serving time all of these ratings would be thumbs-down.