PoK-e-Jo's with 5 locations, I visited the Parmer Lane location.

I got the 4 meat combo plate (I was hungry) ribs, sausage, brisket, and chicken quarter. I was not hungry when I left. Ribs were OK, Brisket a lil dry, chicken a lil dry, sausage was strange as the grind was less fine than I am used to. Two sauces offered regular and "hot" were actually only slightly different from each other. I just used less of the hot than the regular to get the same effect. Those that don't like sauce at all, do not come here. Sauce is the only way to get the meat to chew.

In my opinion it is the sides that set this place apart. There were too many for me to try them all, so I got "mashed baked potatoes" and beans. The mashed baked potatoes were really really good, I will make some at home when I get back there. The beans had huge chunks of brisket in them and were tasty, but I ended up adding hot BBQ sauce to perk them up.