Smoky Mo's BBQ

This is a chain of 8 locations seemingly catering to the low end of the market. "Q as fast food" is the feeling I got. The story goes that the 2 partners that started Rudy's split, one kept Rudy's and one started Smoky Mo's.

I got a combo of ribs and sausage, tater salad and pinto beans. The ribs were a bit on the loose side, though the bones did not fall off they were close. Interestingly the tater salad tasted *EXACTLY* like Rudy's, so they clearly buy it from the same place.

The Pintos were Mexican style, REALLY plain. Smokey Mo's has thier own bottled sauce in both regular and Hot. The hot version perked the beans right up, the regular version was good on the sausage and ribs. Priced $4.00 per plate lower than the other two above, it was a good value. I think they served up 20 plates of Q while I was in the house. I would not mind going for lunch, but I'd pass on it for dinner.