Rudy's BBQ and Country Store. A 20 location Texas chain. Part Shell station, part BBQ pit. I didn't see them sell any gas in the lunch hour I was there, but they served up prolly 400 plates of Q...

Pretty basic menu, orders taken and served up kinda cafeteria style. They were very friendly to strangers, letting me sample just about everything before I ordered.

I got a combo of Ribs, Jalapeno sausage, creamed corn and tater salad.
Ribs - Best texture I have ever tried but a little bland on flavor. I only like my meat to come off the bone when I tell it to, but then give way easy with little pull on the teeth. This was exactly the way I like it. Threw a little of Rudy's sause (they purposely misspell it) and the ribs were great.

Jalapeno sausage - These were a nice flavor, not spicy hot at all. Texture was a little weird for me as there were random bits of connective tissue that took up residence between my teeth.

Creamed corn - This is Rudy's signature side dish, and I see why. The "cream' in the corn has an almost custardy texture and was quite excellent.

Tater salad - Nothing special, but it was very OK.