The time has come for us to consider offering paid premium memberships.

We have experienced phenomenal growth in the nearly 2 1/2 short years we have been around, and we are now to the point where we need to consider using a professional maintenance and and support service.

this will provide us with immediate response resolution in the case of a crash, as well as hourly back up service so that even in the event of a crash, we will never lose any more than what was posted in the hour before the crash.

Beyond that, it will also ensure that we will always be up to date on new improvements and software updates, thus providing all of us with a better experience and more features.

These services are not inexpensive, and we would need to rely on the contributions of our members in order to accomplish this. As yet, while they have been many and are all generous, random voluntary donations have not been in increments that would afford this type of service

We have considered adding perks for paid premium members such as more photo storage space, more PM storage capacity, ability to PM more people at once, ability to start social groups, and possibly even recipe storage capability.

There are two areas in which we really need to hear your feedback.

First, we are considering either a yearly membership fee, or a much smaller monthly fee, either would most likely be automatic. These fees would probable not exceed $3.00 or $4.00 per month, unless we opt to offer a medium and top level subscription. We are seeking your input as to which you would prefer, and if you would want to participate.

Second, we are seeking your input as to what additional features you would like to see.

And, of course, you would receive some sort of denotation under your avatar as to your membership status.

Thank you for your input once again. In my opinion, you are all the geatest outdoor cooking people in the world, and that is what makes The Q Joint the great place it is.