I have used the so called Texas Crutch since 1972 . Hell I may have invented it by accident BUT I doubt it . When I was a soph in high school I was smoking a brisket for my then girlfriend and she didn't like how dark and burned they got so I pulled it and wrapped it in foil so it would stay pretty and brown . Been foiling it ever since with tenderness and moisture . I have even cooked them in the oven at 325 for two hours wrapped in foil and then placed them on a smoker with the top of the foil open for around three hours with perfect results for a 5 hour brisket from higher temps .

But I prefer a 250 degree smoke , pull from smoker and wrap in foil for cooling before cutting and finishing off the point for my burnt ends !

Pork I find pulls well on my smoker at 202 degrees for pulling and 190 degrees for slcing like a brisket . Either way is really good and the bone just slide right out and most times the bone is very soft as well .