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    Default UDS / Input Needed

    I recently completed building my UDS and have a couple of questions for the experts.
    When lighting your charcoal basket, is there a good, better best method to do this. I have heard that you need to put your hot coals in the middle of your charcoal basket to be able to regulate your temps. Is this the best way or is there bome other way that would be better?
    Also when cooking chicken I usually do half chickens for comps; any suggestions as to the best way to get my temps at 325 - 345 and keep them consistant. If anyone has any pics of 1/2 chickens cooked on their UDS I would like to see them.
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    You will get many different ideas on lighting your coals but in order to keep your fire mass as small as possible I would not add hot coals to the center. I would either use a rolled up paper towel soaked in veg oil and lit and placed on the side as this keeps the fire mass smaller or you can use a small electric paddle starter standing on end and after 10-12 min remove. Keep all intakes open until the internal temp reaches 200-210. At that point start closing up your intakes to try and achieve a 235-250 temp. Once it gets much above 260-275 the fire mass has gotten quite large and harder to control especially if you must remove the lid for turning,basting, etc. Do a search on the MINION METHOD.
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    I usually just pull out my Bernz-o-matic torch and hit it in the center for a couple of minutes and let it get going with the valve open all the way and both caps off. After about 10 minutes, I lid it and put a cap on and start watching temps so I can tweak the valve as necessary.
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    Here's how I do it.

    Also the afore mentioned electric lighters work well. Or soak a paper towel with veg. oil and lay on top of your charcoal. place 8-10 briquettes on top. Then light the p. towel. It will burn like a candle and light the top coals. without setting the whole basket ablaze. Monitor temps. at the cooking level near the center.

    Adjust your vents to achieve that 335 or so that you seek for half birds. that should be easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubblehead View Post
    I usually just pull out my Bernz-o-matic torch and hit it in the center for a couple of minutes and let it get going with the valve open all the way and both caps off. After about 10 minutes, I lid it and put a cap on and start watching temps so I can tweak the valve as necessary.
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    I don't know what kind of oil they are using I have tried that method 8- 10 times and never could get it catch as soon as the towel gets to the coals it would go out. I use lump and chunks in my UDS basket however I use briquettes to light it. I put 15 briquettes in the bottom of my charcoal chimney and hit it with the weed burner for about 1 min then I let them burn till the are ashes over pretty well about 5 min I then transfer them to the center of my basket with a pair of tongs.and arrange them in a circle. lower the basket into the UDS with all intakes W/O .Put the lid on and within 15 min I'm at 230 deg. If I'm cooking chicken I leave the intakes w/O till it gets to 300 and I close the valve to 1/3 open and it will settle out at 340 ish.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for all the input.

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    I use the Bernzomatic cane torch, and I never take the basket out of my drum but every 10 or so cooks to dump the ashes.

    As to the comp chix, I wouldn't use the drum. There are too many things that can happen in a critical situation like that, I mean with all the time constraints and all.

    Why split chix? Are you cooking IBCA?

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    Use one of these (chimney starter) Fill it about 3/4 full, get about 4-5 pieces of paper towel and tear each piece into fourths then place in small ziplock bag. Pour a little bit of veggie oil in the bag seal it up and squeeze it until all the paper towels have soaked up the oil and have a translucent look (add more oil as needed) get some newspaper also and tear it into pieces about the size of a piece of printer paper and wad them up. Mix some of the paper towel and the wadded up newspaper under the chimney starter and light. As your fire underneath starts to die add more paper towel and newspaper. It usually only takes about 3-4 minutes of doing this before the bottom briquettes will start to heat up and smolder. You won't get a noticeable fire until the briquettes close to the top have caught on and get heated up. Once you can see them start to glow dump them in the middle right on top your filled up firebasket.

    This method works every time for me, just make sure you have plenty of newspaper to keep a flame under the chimney for a few mintues until the bottom briquettes get hot enough.

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