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Danson's makes the grill for Fast Eddy and he is marketing it himself. Danson also makes the lousianna grills. If it were me, and I was looking for a pellet cooker to smoke and grill. I think you going to find it hard to the cook space. In order to get the grill space you have to up or wider. All the previous listed cookers have wider. Personally I would go vertical with the FEC.

Lou what do you plan on doing with it. Are you want to cook for large crowds, like you work? A FEC will be easier for you to move around. I used my traeger in comps with other cookers mind you. Moving it around was a bear. Mike has a FEC and I have seen him load it in his truck a couple of times. It definately looked easier than me loading my traeger. You could always go with a charcoal smoker like a backwoods chubby . You can grill on it , and smoke on it. A chub and guru would be about 1200 +/- ..
That is correct. Cookshack does not make them, Danson makes them for Fast Eddy. The mix up is everyone has been saying FEC when its FE 1000. FEC means Fast Eddy by Cookshack. FE means Fast Eddy. You will still see some of the original FE smokers on the comp trail, these are the ones Eddy made before teaming up with CookShack.