Got a 4 day weekend (TY MLK) and supposed to get below 0 for the weekend.
Cooking for my daughter's 5th b-day party for tomorrow,brisket and chicken 1/4's, some rib's for tonite and a picnic ham to pull for whenever!!
Brisket with homemade Montreal steak rub (thank's Thirdeye)

Picnic slathered in mustard and rubbed with Billy Bone's Comp rub that i got from the cooking class last weekend

And a rack of spare's, untrimmed with a Cherry rub also from BB's

Smokin mainly with cherry wood and Rancher charcoal.
Picnic on the UDS (first smoke) and brisket n rib's on Buford!
I think it's noon somewhere so i'm cracking the first beer of the day for ya'll!!

BTW, it's 19* with a wind chill of 9*!!