Moderator...please move this to the appropriate forum. Not sure where it goes, so I'm starting it here.

I bought a Maverick ET-7. It is a dual probe model that retails for $79.99. I found it for 50% off with free shipping, so I thought i would give it a try.

It shipped with batteries and I had it running within minutes of getting it out of the box. The receiver synced with the remote according to the instructions.

I plugged both probes into the transmitter, brought a pot of water to a rolling boil, and plopped the probes in.

Boiling point at my location - adjusted for altitude and barometric pressure - is 204*. Probe 1 stabilized at 209* and probe 2 stabilized at 207*. Not dead on, but not bad either. I'm surprised that the probes don't read the same.

Next thing to see is how far the range on the wireless works. This is disappointing (as others have noted). It only works consistently within 4-5 feet of each other. 10-30 feet is more sporadic but still receives quite a few updates. 40-50 feet will get updates, but they are far and few between. Beyond that, it doesn't work at all. I'm going to call Maverick on Monday and see what they have to say about it.