My buddy Gary's daughter is pregnant and her husband (Houston) is about to be shipped out to Afghanistan for a year so we had a little combo baby shower/going away party. On Friday night I cooked 2 briskets and 2 butts via telephone (Gary did these at his house on WSMs). On Saturday, Me, Gary and another friend, Andy, went out to Houston's parents house, fired up the pit and threw some ribs and sausage on...
Had a great time relaxing, drinking beer, smoking cigars and talking a little bit about BBQ. Can't wait to do it again when Houston comes home. For some reason didn't get any finished rib pics... Must have been the beer.
Prepping Ribs

Ribs on

Wings and sausage for lunch. Made ABTs too, but no pics

Getting ready to prep those ABTs that I don't have pics of

Gary prepping chicken

Andy helping out

This is Houston. He will be in Afghanistan in 2 weeks.

Checking the ribs for doneness

Slicing briskets


All done cooking... and all covered in grease and grime. That's Andy on the left, the fat guy in the middle showing off the dirty shirt is me.

What a mess

I get to clean this up too.

View from the pit

More pics, if interested, here:" target="_blank