Just got an email and here's who's on line so far for the May 8-9 comp.

There are a few names to beat there.

3 Guys Smokin'; Back Yard Pigs; Bedlam BBQ; Biggen Horny BBQ; Blaster BBQ; Blind Dawgs Smokin'; B-Man's BBQ Team; Boys Can Smoke; Brew BBQ; Brewers Smokin' & Chokin' BBQ; Brunson's BabarQ; Bubba-Q-Boys; Buccaneers of Boarbque; Butcher BBQ; Buzzard Bait BBQ; Camping Crew BBQ; Charcoholics; Chuck Wagon Gang; Cody's Construction Crew BBQ; Cookin' Smokin' BBQ; Cook's N Hill's; Cosmic Cooks; Cowboy Barbeque; Cowboy Cookers; Deep Fork BBQ; Dirty Sanchez Cue & Brue Cue; Feeding Frenzy BBQ; Fire Stokers; Flying 'F' Ranch; Hot Wire BBQ; Iron Wheel Cookers; Jake's Place; Jeannete Gibbs; Jug Tavern BBQ; Jungle Jeems Pig Posse; Key Midwest BBQ; Kick Ash BBQ; Limo B' Cue Crew; Lisa Hays; Little Pig Town BBQ; Lynn Pike; Meat Puppets; Men On Fire BBQ; Moonlight Meat Rubbers; My Brothers BBQ Team; Nothing Butt Barbeque; OCE Smokin' Fire; One Smokin' Grill; OsoSlowBBQ; R & B Smokin' the Blues; R BBQ; Ritter's BBQ; Riverview Baptist Church; Royal Oak; Sa-Mokin; Second Hand Smokers; Sigma Smokers; Silverado Smokers; Smoke Busters; Smoke Ridge Boys; Smoke This; Smoker's Gone Wild; Smokin' Bones; Smokin Pokes; Stonebridge BBQ; Stu's Q BBQ; Sunrise BBQ; Sunset BBQ @ Grilling; Team Premier; The Q Joint; The Smokedelics; Three Crosses BBQ; Turnin 'n' Burnin; Twin Oak; Uncle BC's BBQ; Whizbang BBQ; Wilcat Smokers