Posting pictures "Tutorial"

Their are many services out there that will allow you to do this.
In this tutorial we will be using Photobucket.

Step 1;
Uploading a photo from your computer.

Start by selecting the reduce option to "800x600 (15")screen" or smaller.
Located towards the bottom of the "Upload Images and video" Box.
(This setting will stay the same untill changed again.)

To upload just click the choose files button.

When the window pops up you may have to locate the folder you have your pictures in such as "My Documents" or "My Pictures"

Here you can select multiple files if needed.
To select multiple pictures hold down your Ctrl key and click the pictures you wish to upload.

Once you have selected your pictures click open.The window will close and the files will start uploading.

Step 2;

Copying image paths.

Start by selecting the picture you wish to add to your post or thread.

When you drag your mouse over the picture the links will show up below it.
(you can click the link options and select them to show all the time)

You want to select The IMG code.
To do so click the IMG code text (red arrow)and the code will highlight in grey.

Move your mose over to the highled code and right click.
Select copy.

Now the path is copied and your ready to put into your post or thread.

Pasting the link.

Now we will paste the IMG Code that we coppied from photobucket into the thread/post editor.

Right click in the box and select paste.

Here I have already pasted 3 links and am getting ready to paste the 4th.
Notice how there is spaces between each link.

After pasting the link hit the enter key 3-4 times to space the links.
You can also type between pictures.

You can click preview post to see the pictures before submitting thread.

There you have it!

If have any questions feel free to shoot me Private message by clicking here!