I got a young fat bull caribou last week and decided to make all of my own sausage instead of dropping it off at the processors like usual. Sorry I didn't get any pics of the mixes prior to stuffing.

I went to the local butchers supply shop and got some summer sausage, andouille, and chorizo seasoning mixes and used them as a base and then doctored them up to my taste. I used pork trim I got from my local meat market for 1.69 per lbs, and mixed all of it to a 70/30 ratio

I also borrowed a mixer stuffer and scale from a friend and got started.

I made 15lbs of summer sausage Got the summer sausage mixed, stuffed and on the Webber to smoke. I kept a few lbs in bulk bags to try and stuff in natural casings later on. I only added some crushed red pepper and garlic powder to the summer sausage.

The summer out of the ice bath after the smoke. Ready to vacuum pack and freezer.

I didn't get pics of the finished andouille or mixed chorizo but here's a vacked and frozen one for proof that it happened.

I only cooked 12lbs of andouille I did half the andouille in the oven and smoked the other half, I kept another 5lbs worth in raw form packed in bulk bags to try using in chili or stews, I'll see how that works. All I added to the andouille was more crushed red pepper, cayenne, and some hot Cajun seasoning.

The chorizo I I made 20lbs worth I just packaged in bullk bags I added more crushed red pepper, paprika, smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder.

Overall I loved the experience it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and am a lot happier with the flavor profiles than when i drop it off at a processor. As you can probably tell I like it hot. I think I'll make all my own sausage from now on.