Going to cook a pork tenderloin for dinner and some sides that I haven't decided on yet.

Tenderloin all trimmed up and MH Nekkid Brine

Tenderloin in brine seasoned with some granulated onion & garlic, CBP, and some other spices.
I'll let this soak in the fridge turning every hour for about 5 hours

These frozen discs of goodness will be used later in the prep of one of the sides

Tenderloin out of the brine, patted dry, and re-seasoned with the same spice mix I used in the brine
On a double layer of foil I put 6 pats of butter on the foil, placed tenderloin on the butter pats, then put 4 pats of butter on top

Now I make the foil into vessel and top the tenderloin with some of my canned stewed maters & okra

The Keg is set-up to cook indirect 250 using RO lump and apple wood
I put the tenderloin in the open vessel on the Keg for 30 minutes to soak up a little smoke

Now I close up the foil and let it cook til the internal temp hit 130

Next while I'm unfoiling the tenderloin, I open the Keg's vents to raise it's temp.
Then I give the tenderloin a quick seer.

While the tenderloin is resting, I heat up the tomatoes & okra(I added back in the tomatoes& okra from the foil), Finished up the mashed taters, and used those frozen discs of pork stock to make a gravy
Tenderloin sliced after it's rest

Tenderloin slices served with stewed tomatoes & okra, and mashed potatoes & gravy topped with FCBP

Closer view of the juicy slices.

The slices were a little pinker than they look in the pics. The tenderloin was very juicy.

Thanks for lookin'