This is the Maverick tip top temp.

Let me start out by saying this isn't one of those things I would normally ever consider buying but that's what happens when you get a little too "frosty" and spend too much time online. So since the deed was done the money spent and the gadget received I may as well put it to use.

The premise is that as the spring gets hot and it expands and closes the port restricting exhaust flow thus lowering pit temp.

The instructions call for you to place 6 lit coals in the center of the pit surrounded by unlit coals and closing the lower openings, and leaving the upper exhaust ports wide open.

For the test run I decided to try cook a 10lbs butt I figured it would be big enough and forgiving enough that it wouldn't come out horriblyif it didn't work I didn't get a pic before going on the grill so there's no proof of that happening. Now I did have a few things working against me the temp here dropped into the 20's and by about mid afternoon the wind picked up to about 15-20 mph so I had to wrap the grill with a fire blanket to insulate and help control the heat.

I started the cook at 6:30am and was done by about 4pm. My target temp was between 225 and 275 but I could not get it to hold steady below 300 it would constantly spike or dive. This could also have been due to the outside temp or wind. It seemed to like to stay between 325 and 375. At least until I closed off the lid vent to a little less than half then it stayed between 275 and 325 but would dip hard periodically so I opened up the lower vent a sliver any more than that would shoot the temp up over 400. I tried to stay as true to the recommended settings and use for this thing within reason but Ithe took a lot of constant monitoring. More than it would have taken than if I would have normally set my vents for smoking on the kettle. Now I don't know if the weather and othe factors affected this that much and caused it to be this much of a pain or not but I will try it again on a smaller piece of meat and with better weather and see if it helps.

I wrapped it in foil at about 160 and let it go till done end result was good but the inside of the grill had a lot more smoke stain than it would normally have had on a normal cook. See the foil wrapped brick this was before I wrapped the meat by the time I was done that brick along with the grate was black.

At this point I don't think I would recommend this unit but I did see times when it did show promise and due to weather and wind factors I'm not going to discount it just yet.

I will update if and when I use it again probably not till the weather warms up again in the spring.

Have any of you guys used this or seen this let me know your thoughts

Thanks for lookin.