Wow, this one is really old !

Cold Smoked, dried Pork loin

Picked up a couple of pork loins so I decided to cold smoke and dehydrate them to snack on during an aperitif.

Put them in Mad Hunkey's pork brine for a little over 14 hours, then cold smoked them for 5 hours with a mixture of Maple dust, and Pear & Peach sticks.
Cold Smoking temperatures were : Minimum - 73F, Maxi - 88F, Ave - 82F.

Dehydrated for 24 hours.

The victims :

After brining, cut in half and in the cold smoker :

Smoked :

Ready for the dehydrator :

Another view :

Smoked and dried :

Sliced and vacuum packed :

The ends were too small so I kept them on the side - they somehow disappeared just after I took the picture ?!?!?