K.C. Channel 4, 6 o’clock news -

Argosy Casino security called Riverside Police, reported a man sitting in a white hearse in the casino parking lot smoking something from a glass pipe.

Police arrived, found the Ray County coroner, owner of Polley Funeral Home, Excelsior Springs, MO, sitting in the hearse. Ray County is considered part of the northeast K.C. metro area.

He told them he had just delivered a body and stopped at the casino on the way home.

Then he asked if they would like to see a full size suit of armor he had purchased after delivering the body. It was in the back of the hearse. Got out and opened the rear door to display the armor.

Officers commenced to search the hearse, found a glass pipe and “a white substance” under the driver’s seat – meth.

Friendly coroner admitted smoking the meth, told them he had “confiscated it from an employee earlier in the week and just wanted to give it a try”.

He was arrested and charged with possession of and smoking meth, and a couple other things.

News hacks could not reach him for comment at home or at the funeral home. Ray County verified he is employed as coroner but said they "expect a letter of resignation" at any time.

Never dull in K.C.