I thought some people may be interested in seeing the controlling unit for my flower pot smoker.

As you may recall I had problems with the turn knob controller built in to the hotplate. So with some parts and help from my father we bypassed the knob and installed a Honeywell T775 j aquastat controller.

Now the Honeywell unit was not designed to control a smoker. It was designed to control large hot water tanks.

Now for my setup.

The control unit get its info from 2 temp sensors. I usually put on in the top of the smoker and the other in the food.

Then I program the control unit for the maximum and minimum temp I want inside my smoker. When the temp is below the maximum it energizes the work box where the hotplate is plugged in to. When the maximum temp is reach a relay turns off the hotplate.

(note the hi-tech power monitoring device)

Well that is the short story.

If you have any questions about this setup please ask away and I will try and answer them.