That time of the year again so...
Cold smoked dehydrated mushrooms

Just like last year, I used store bought, sliced, frozen brown button mushrooms, sprinkled them with sea salt, placed them on absorbing paper for 3 hours to extract some of the water, rinsed them, cold smoked then dried them.

1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) yielded 48 grams (1.7 onces!) of dried, smoked mushrooms. Because the yield was so small, I did a second kilo the next day.

Cold smoked :
First batch : 1 hour 40 minutes with small Oak sticks, splinters and dust (I ran out of cherry) at 30C (86F) maximum (only 5 minutes), otherwise maximum was 23C (73,5F).

I found that the first batch lacked a little smoke so...
Second batch : 2 hours 20 minutes with small Oak sticks, splinters and dust at 19C (66F) maximum.

Dried :
First batch : 15 hours at between 20,1C (≈ 68F) and 23.5 C (≈ 74F).
Second batch : 16 hours at between 23,4C (≈ 74F) and 24.6 C (≈ 76F).

There were a lot of pieces that were very small so I reduced them to powder in my spice grinder (really a coffee grinder, they are a lot cheaper and work just as well). I think that the next time I make some beef sausages I will add a little of the mushroom powder.

Has anybody tried adding a mushroom flavor to a home made sausage?
If so, what was the result like ?

Some pictures :
Thawed out and salted:

In the cold smoker :

Not much color change (maybe a little less pink) :

Close up :

Half of the batch after drying :

Since I forgot to take a picture of the first batch before thawing here is the second batch before thawing out :

I think that next year I will go back to fresh mushrooms, it seems that when I used them in the past, I had a lot less loss.