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Thread: smoker i bought

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    Default smoker i bought

    well seeing how I haven't been able to find some one with a mig to do my welding for me I went out and bought one. the guy I bought it from said he could hit 300 deg in it. Well I fired her up and the hottest I could get it was 200 until I grabbed the shop vac I could actually hit my temp I wanted I have added more vents to it and another door cause I don't like sticking my hand straight down in to hades so I put a door on the front pics of that will come later
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    I will be waiting for those additional pictures.
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    Your fire box is undersized it should be 1/3 the size in Cubic inches of the oven.and the stack dimensions are off as well. Plug in your numbers to get the right dimensions.
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    Yeah I know they are off but was already built when I bought it but have put a door with a vent and a vent n the back also have put 2 thermometers on the front door

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    Sharp looking pit though. Let us know how the mods work out for getting temps where you want them.
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    200 is the max huh?

    Couple of things:
    ask the dude how he got it to 300......
    some heat rope around the firebox lid might help with heat loss....
    Unless I can't see inside it the best, u might need someone to modify the out stack by extending it down into the smoker to the height of your lowest rack (this would help the chamber build up heat evenly instead of the upper right hand corner of the cooker being hotter than the bottom left hand corner)

    Maybe it has baffle plates and i didn't see them.
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    I agree with Yankee that the chimney appears to be to high. I should extend down to being just below the lowest grate.

    I have helped several guys tune up smokers and this is he most common modification that I make. Everyone likes the results.
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    Comments are right. The exhaust needs to be actually just below the lowest cooking grate.
    You can accomplish that by extending it down inside the smoker or cut it off and reposition it externally (which seems the easiest way to go to me).
    By doing this you are rerouting the heat/smoke flow inside the smoker. As-is it just exits the fire box and travels straight to the exhaust, doesn't get around what you are smoking. Lowering the exhaust makes the heat/smoke rise out of the smoke box and then it goes into a swirl inside the smoker as it seeks the exhaust opening. Distributes more evenly.
    The amount of air (oxygen) entering the fire box determines the amount of heat produced. The vent(s) are your temperature control.
    Surely there is a welding shop somewhere in your area.
    Good luck, the smoker looks like it will be great once you get it tuned.
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