Smoked, dried piment d'Espelette chilies

Since it is the season, I prepared some piment d'Espelette for later eating.

I cut the chilies in half got rid of the seeds and rubbed them with sea salt.
After 48 hours, I rinsed and dried them.

Air drying after rinsing and wiping dry:

I then cold smoked them with Oak for 2 hours at
Minimum temp : 71°F,
Maximum : 86°F,
Average : 79°F.

In the cold smoker (while I was at it I decided to smoke a little garlic too):

Done smoking and ready for the dehydrator (only did the chilies, put the garlic in the EVOO right away) :

Decided to spread them out a little

The garlic in the EVOO (waiting for the chilies to dehydrate):

Dried for 15 hours at an average of 14°C (≈ 57°C). I had to dry them longer than usual – it rained all the time and I was running with a 92% ambient humidity !

Cut up and ready for the EVOO:

Garlic and chilies packed in the EVOO and ready to be stored in a cool dark place for a couple of months:

This is a "all benefit" thing, once I finish the chilies and garlic, I keep the “spiced” oil to drizzle on pizza before serving. The Pizzerias here add herbs in their oil but I prefer it this way. Just cannot wait !

Thanks for looking.