I really like the G2 Party, but the one thing that bothered me about the unit was the firebox. I contacted Jeff at YokeUp/XXL Baskets and he indicated that he would work with me on the design.

Well my day job got in the way and I didn't get the dimensions to Jeff. When I competed at Bedford Blues and BBQ, we go to the cook meeting and run into Jeff. He told me that he now had a basket for the G2 Party and told me how to get one on order.

It took me significantly less time to get that one ordered, especially since the G2 gave me fits on temperature control during our competition. I just loaded up an 8# bag of lump and threw a couple of briskets in the unit. Temp came up much faster than what it did with the original basket. The only thing I wish was on the XXL basket was the retainer for the ash tray. I am hopeful that my son, the welder, can help modify it to accommodate the ash tray.

Pictures and burn times to follow later.