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Gas is nice ,but no smoke taste.Ill try it some more ,with a brisket and see what it does with it .The temp control is right on with what i put it to .Havent tried the smoker box yet though.
I bought a gas smoker in January (not as elaborate as yours) and have the same comment about the flavor. I have started putting some wood chips in a partially covered pan in there to get some smoke but have not found the right size yet. I started with dust, went to (about) quarter inch chips and am now at small sticks (about a half inch in diameter).
They are all consumed too quickly to flavor the meat. Oh the wood I am using is Sweet Acacia (supposed to be similar to Mesquite.
Next time I will try 1 inch sticks.

What you did looks good - sausage, carrots (?), chicken (?) and ???