We competed in Ribs for our first MIM competition this year. We are a start up team of family members with the goal of being in the upper half of the group. We finished 53rd out of 125 teams with a score of 990.6.

We had issues with our ribs getting done early and had to stall for about an hour which hurt us from a tenderness standpoint -- lots of 8's. We got 9's in presentation on the On Site judging and one of the judges stopped by after judging and gave us some pointers on how to improve in that area as well. The blind box was a cardboard box rather than a Styrofoam box and it was impossible to clean up sauce from the box. If anyone has experience with those type of boxes and have some recommendations on how to keep it clean, we are all ears. Most promising was the fact we scored all 10's on taste in both the blind box and on site judging.

The week we spent there was memorable and we had a blast with our neighbor team "Case of Ribs" from Michigan and Wisconsin. While we did have rain, it wasn't horrible and the rain did manage to knock the dust down. On site judging was certainly a different experience and we learned a lot from it. We fed a lot of folks and made new friends, all while achieving our goal for the first year. Now that we have been there, we hope to correct our mistakes and improve next year.