Well we had a great time except for all the loud music it was a great
experience . Around 60 teams and I saw a bunch of Houston
Rodeo teams and thought we were really out gunned they paid 10
places . And as usual I was out of the money but was in good
contention with a 12 place chicken and a 15 place brisket . Not bad
for an armature meat burner .
The only down side we were 99 mile from home and on the way
back 4 miles from home I lost the BBQ trailer , the rear bumper
come off the fifth wheel trailer . Having pulled it thousands of miles
with no trouble the metal broke away from the frame ends . Glad no
one was hurt cause having been on Beltway 8 around Houston it
could have been nasty . Oh well I will bend pics later
Ya'll Be safe out there