cg badge wrong (791x800) (593x600).jpg

My new CG Super Pro is really great... except for the upside down badge! But CG made it right quickly sending a new badge along with a missing 1/2 inch bolt and nut. I drilled out the rivets and put the new badge on with stainless screws and nuts so when it comes time to paint I won't have to fuss with the badge.

The bolt is the real story, though. In older threads I learned knocking out the "football-shaped" insert to mount the sfb was a real pain. CG seems to have fixed that as the the opening is now covered by a removable plate secured with bolts and nuts. My sfb is a few weeks away but when I install it this should make it a lot easier.

One other note: Stapled to the packing slip that came with the missing parts was a little Christian tract. Pretty simple, but very much appreciated. Made me happier than ever that I chose CG.