R.J.'s Bob-Be-Que Shack
5835 Lamar Ave, Mission, KS 66202

R.J.'s BBQ is a shack that like others started after American Royal fame. And I am sure that they had great competition turn in. But I was not impressed. The sauce was chunky. Had the same consistency of a bad Boy Scout breakfast gravy. Being an Eagle Scout Im not saying that Scouts cant cook. Some of the best food Ive eaten has come from Scouting experiences (Not to mention that my old Troop participates in Mission KS' Battle of the Brisket and places in one event or another). This was Tenderfoot level at its best.
Ribs were tough and pork was dry. As if it had set out in a warmer tray all day? Fries were hard. Maybe I went at a bad time? It was bad enough to persuede me not to go back...
Despite my dislike I have had many people rave about them. Thats why I rated them a 2 star.
Parking is also a pain. After the new Goodcents location went in parking at RJ's has become much more difficult. IF you have a large truck or car I would suggest parking at the CVS and walking across the street.