For a long time, I used Kingsford briquettes in my UDS and my two Weber kettle grills. A couple months back, I switched to Royal Oak, mostly because my local Piggly Wiggly has had it on special, two 16.5 pound bags for $7.99. I've got a little over 100 pounds stashed.
After using it for awhile, I've noticed a couple differences in it and the Kingsford.
-It seems to take considerably longer to "get going", especially in the UDS. I typically drop 8-12 hot briqs into the fire basket. Next run, I think I'll light off considerably more and see what happens.
-I start my fires with lighter, and the RO needs a pretty good dousing to take off. With Kingsford, even a little lighter that gets just, say, the corners started, the burn will spread pretty quickly. Not so with the RO, it takes a good burn to get the show on the road.
I have not tried it in a starter chimney however. I need to do that.
-When it is burning well, it seems to last a LOT longer and burn considerably hotter than the Kingsford. I like that a lot.

I have had to adjust my cooking techniques a little with the RO, but all in all I like it a lot, and I like the price even more!