Got up at 4 to start the fire. Made a cup of coffee. Opened the door & got blinded by a bolt of lightning and the sky opened up! Oh well, at least I wasn't standing outside the door. Finally got the fire started around 5:45. Am gonna give a shot at my first butt, pork sirloin, and a JD fatty. Before anyone asks, there won't be any pictures on this round. My camera got left at a party last weekend and its a 3 hour drive each way. Have to wait for the mailman to get it here. I'm sure I'm gonna have a lot of questions about what I did wrong, but I figure this is the place to get the answers.
The butt I injected with my own mixture of spices. The sirloin was pre marinated so that one I just have to cook. I know I like them in the oven so I figured if nothing else turned out, that would be good for dinner tonight. The fatty I stuffed with a cheese blend. Never had one before so I'm not sure what to expect.
Am headed out to the local Target to try to get a remote thermometer. Was wondering if anyone could tell me about how long a fatty takes to cook. I used 2lbs of sausage. It didn't get in the smoker till about 7 so I know I have some time before it gets up to temp. Smoker is running around 245. Plan to take the butt and sirloin to 165 then foil.
I do have a few questions for all the experienced smokers out there.
When I foil the Butt, can I just cover the pan or will I do better to remove the butt from the pan? From what I have seen of the posts with pictures, it looks like most of you remove it from the pan.
Do you save the juices to pour over the butt after you pull it?
I will vacuum seal and excess that I have, so do you eliminate the juice before you seal it? I know from experience that sealing anything with liquid in the bag is a real pain.
I know that a lot of these are basic questions to most of you. Any suggestions would be welcome.