My buddy James of Smokey's Bar-B-Que, joined Smokin' Ty and myself at our monthly Butcher Shop Cafe cooks and we broke in his newly acquired Southern Yankee Rotisserie.

This bad boy holds a LOT of meat! We only used the right side of the cooker this day.

I like it cuz its RED!
Mo likes it cuz it draws the customers!

We cooked some Kobe Cross Rib roasts (@ 15-18lbs cut in thirds) Kobe Beef Rib Lifter meat (flap meat) Kobe Sirloin "Top Ball" roasts, Berkshire pork cushions and fresh BSC Bratwurst.

Check out the slideshow!

We had a blast, the weather cooperated and we didn't get wet, the regulars are back and wanting more BBQ, James got a chance to cook some quantity on the pit and it was rock steady even with the howling wind blowing.