1st night:
Sliced brisket sandwich - good Sammie - meat was a little dry even though it was heavily sauced.

Sides: potato salad - average potato salad - potatoes a little crunchy( a pet peeve of mine..lol)
Beans - tasted more like chili - should have been called chili. Not great but not bad.

2nd night:
Had to try it one more time.

Went with just a pulled pork Sammie. Nice smoke rings on the meat - nice Smokey flavor - just finishing sauce. Very good tasting Sammie. My only quirk with it was the texture. So finely chopped when they added finishing sauce it ended up being the texture like a tuna.fish Sammie.

Day 3:
Ok I had to try a pork Sammie again. Just to see if was just a.bad night before. Nope.same texture. really like the flavor so can get past the texture.

Side: coleslaw - average - nothing special

Overall this is not a bad BBQ joint, Orbison cheap and I will probably eat.there again tomorrow. Maybe some ribs or Turkey breast and a few hot links

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