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This makes me feel a little better knowing i am not the only person with the no heat problem. The bbq pro i have is so out of whack i can not get 200 deg out of it with a digital thermometer. The manual says to use wood which i tried and all i got was the paint burned off the fire box. I know have built a basket. Changed the stack to be longer inside(if this works i will relocate to the side) i still need to work on the diffuser. I have not tried these mods. Yet so i need to do the diffuser and try it.
Steve I have the same pit as the one pictured in this post. I did the mods sans the 1/4' plate and I can run 225 for 5 hrs. +- 7 front to back end to end the only thing that I did different is I made a lid gasket out of HD Aluminum foil.
take some pictures of your fire box and cook chamber and post them.If we can see your pit we can probably get her fixed.