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05-17-2011, 07:37 PM
The intent of this thread is to help our users and guests identify and become more familiar with the trees used in BBQ and smoking by posting pictures of the leaves, the bark, the fruit and the flowers of each tree.
The Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech has given us permission to post pictures from their VT Tree ID website-

The tree ID page for hard woods is here-

Notes on using the VT Tree ID page-
The trees are listed by their scientific names first and their common names second so be patient if you are looking for a particular tree and don't find it right away.
I am providing a link back to the VT site for each species so you can view all the information that they provide on each species. The link takes you to a "flash card" with all the pertinent information about that particular tree. In addition there are links to similar trees in the same genus or family so you can easily cross reference and compare similar trees.
Hickory and Pecan are listed under the Family heading "Juglandaceae" on the VT website.
As a friendly reminder, these pictures from the Virginia Tech site are copywritten by Virginia Tech and should not be reposted to another site for public display without permission from The Dendrology Dept. at VT.


Bitternut hickory-

3612Bark 3613Fruit 3614Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Mockernut Hickory-

3615Bark 3616Fruit 3617Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Pignut Hickory-

3618Bark 3619Fruit 3620Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Red Hickory-

3621Bark 3622Fruit 3623Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Sand Hickory-

3624Bark 3625Fruit 3626Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Shagbark Hickory-

3627Bark 3628Fruit 3629Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Shellbark Hickory-

3630Bark 3631Fruit 3632Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

Water Hickory-

3633Bark 3634Fruit 3635Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-



3636Bark 3637Flower 3638Fruit 3639Leaf
The full info from VT Tree ID-

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Thank you for your efforts and time Cliff! :thumbs up::thumbs up: