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01-31-2011, 11:19 AM
Jane & I stopped at The BBQ Shack in Paola, KS for lunch after a hard morning of driving and comparing new Chev & GMC trucks at a local dealer. The place has a lot of Mayberry, Andy, Barney, Aint Bee influence mixed with Guy Fieri stuff. Ok though.
The BBQ Shack was featured on one of the early 3D episodes. Fieri was there when it was at the original location, which WAS a dive and had a giant smoker parked next to the building (it's still in use). You can watch it on their website below. The Shack has since moved to a small shopping strip and more upscale digs. Same GREAT que though! Check it out here -
http://www.thebbqshack.com/ - go to the menu at top, Note they serve ABT's!

I had the mild sausage sammie, beans & Old Sam's Homemade Potato Salad. They make their own sausage, hot & mild. The mild was excellent. As were the beans! Now, the potato salad is a hot (temperature) potato salad, but it's not German potato salad. Hard to describe, it has bacon in it, cheese, some red bell pepper, anyhow it is GOOD.
They have 3 sauces. Mild, hot, and a sweet heat. I preferred the sweet heat and it had more heat than the hot, go figure. All three are good sauces.
Jane had the pulled pork sammie and she liked it. I didn't try it. She also thought the potato salad was good.
I wanted to try the Kerosene Cucumbers which are supposed to be total fire. Next trip I think.
SO - if you are in the KC area this is a "Mike's Pick" (a joint has to be GOOD to be a Mike's Pick, I KNOW good que).
Paola is 20 min. south of the KC metro., pretty much due west of Peculiar and closer to KC than it sounds.

Buzzards Roost
01-31-2011, 01:02 PM
We might have to meet you over their sometime, Mike