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01-04-2011, 10:00 PM
just like the thread title states, i am trying to get some orders rolling for some custom pieces/parts, etc. I have already taken a few orders for some custom grates, and am always open for more. if you guys have any ideas, questions, comments, etc, please feel free to PM me, post them here, or email me directly at aczeller@gmail.com. in order to get a quote back to you guys, I mainly need an idea of what you want, with dimensions, and we can go from there. there are usually quite a few options for different things... I can think of 6 different ways to make grates just off the top of my head right now. lol. however, after we get a general idea figured out, we can go form there.

besides grates, you name it, i can handle it probably. I have had numerous people ask me to build things as complex as full custom grills and smokers, all the way down to simple things like fire pokers and ABT holders. if you need paint, powdercoat, ceramic coatings, etc, i can get those done also.

my primary history has been more of a "job-shop" mentality... if it comes thru the door and it's made of metal, i'll weld it. however, in an attempt to better my skills and aim for a more specialized "niche", i want to do more things in the realm of BBQ and the like. bottom line, it's something i'm passionate about and something that I want to do for myself. the way i see it, if i am doing it for myself, why not offer to do it for others too?

anyway, let me know what you guys are looking for... maybe we can even get a group-buy together? the more you guys can order at once, the easier it makes my job and the cheaper everything can get.


02-16-2011, 03:39 PM
Hey Andy, ain't the shipping prices on metal grates & things killer? I'd like some new grates for my grill, but I bet it costs more to ship than to make.

02-17-2011, 10:30 AM
hey buddy... sorry for the late reply.

that was my first concern as well, cut the few people that have ordered them insisted that i find a shipping quote, so i did. for the most part, most grates are going to ship for $20 or less... USUALLY. some will be more, but i can usually figure out a way to bring the shipping down if need be.

for example: an individual wanted a total cooking area of about 20"x40". shipping on that was going to be high because of the overall dimension. however, if i broke the grate into separate pieces (2 grates at 20"x20"), i cut the shipping down to just under $20 via UPS. plus, it made them a little stiffer as I added another piece of angle iron onto each grate to finish them off. it added a little more weight, but since it cut the dimensions by half, it lowered the overall cost and the deal was made.

let me know your dimensions, minus about 1/4" for expansion and "crud" buildup (1/8" on each side), and any other items that you may feel are important and i'll get you a quote. worst case scenario, you tell me "no" and we go on our merry way. lol

here's a few that I have made so far:

these are relatively cheap and easy. it is a piece of expanded metal with a lip bent in the front to help keep it all stiff...


these next ones were the ones I cut in half to get the shipping down. a piece of expanded metal, welded into an angle iron frame. stiff, clean, and solid. kinda heavy, but they will outlast the smoker...

these are the grates in my smoker at home... they took a LONG time to make (relatively speaking), but the material was cheap and it was good practice. lol. however, they are pretty light-weight too. i'm not worried about them going anywhere, but the racks fro my next build will be one of the expanded metal types...