View Full Version : Henckels Pro "S" 5 1/2" Boning knife

Geek with Fire
11-25-2010, 06:47 PM
In light of nearly losing a finger while deboning a turkey, I made a recent purchase at BB&B; a Henckels Pro "S" 5 1/2" Boning knife. I haven't used it yet and I have a question for anyone who's bought Henckels, and for boning knives in general:
1.) Are their knives intended to be used without sharpening first? Their edge has more teeth than my sharpened blades. Is that by design?
2.) When I do go to sharpen it, do boning knives use a different angle of edge? I put a 25 degree edge on most of my blades (a slight finish at 20 degrees on the paring knives; just a couple of swipes.). Should a boning knife have a primary edge of 25 degrees, or 20?

11-25-2010, 10:07 PM
To me, 25 is more for a rugged hunting knife or pocket knife.

20 is great for utility IMO. I like 17 or narrower for filleting and boning.

to me, as narrow an angle as you can get and still have the edge hold up to use is the best for any purpose.