View Full Version : Potential ImageShack Viruses

08-06-2010, 02:51 PM
It has come to our attention that there may be issues with ImageShack images initiating various viruses when clicking on the thumbnails to view larger images while using Internet Explorer. It is NOT a virus from The Q Joint, but rather a problem with ImageShack that has been persistent for several years now. It is STRONGLY advised that users avoid clicking on thumbnail views from ImageShack and also advised that users switch to using another web based storage / posting sources such as Photobucket or others.

It is reported that having your browsers updated to IE8 or later when possible with current patches and pop up blockers enabled will make it less likely to be infected. There are still some reports from those browsers being infected though. The use of other browsers such as FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, to name a few, can be a good alternative to avoid infections.

Please make sure all anti-virus and anti-malware software is updated and used frequently.