View Full Version : What ever happened to Lava Rocks ???

O B City
07-10-2010, 11:58 AM
When my Dad bought a gas grill in the 70's, it had lava rocks in it with the burners below them. Wandering around a BBQ store tells me that none of the manufacturers do that anymore. How come?

chef schwantz
07-10-2010, 12:07 PM
Do you remember how nasty and grease encrusted those things got after about 2 uses. And they really didn't hold heat either. It was half marketing/half poorly executed idea. Where I am forced to use a gas grill, I usually replace the crap like that with a double layer of washed granite riverrock.

07-11-2010, 12:49 PM
They were replaced by those molded briquettes of something (?). Look like gray charcoal only bigger.

Bbq Bubba
07-11-2010, 02:34 PM
Because they didn't work. :misbehaving:

07-11-2010, 03:08 PM
Those gray looking briquetts things were ceramin bricks and were not porus like lava rock so they did not asorb grease and what hit the ceramic burned off. Now they use metal "flavor plates".

07-11-2010, 06:06 PM
Lava rocks have gone extinct with the 8 track and cassette tapes. On to bigger and better faux flavorizer ideas in substitution of real coals.