View Full Version : Getting More Smoke out of your Pellet Pooper

04-17-2010, 02:57 PM
I saw this idea, looked so simple, I have to give it a try & share it here.
Went out & bought a foil meatloaf pan, filled it with some lava rock that you would use on a gasser, Set a cast iron smoker box I got from Menards on top of it. Filled it with a 70% wood chips & 30% pellets. Both mesquite flavor. Set it next to the Pit.
Total investment.........less than 20 bucks.
Here it is ready for tommorrows rib cook.


This is the first time I'm experimenting with this. The pics I saw, it seemed to work pretty good. We'll see tommorrow. At some time I'm going to see if all pellets will work as your limited to the flavors of chips you can buy. This looks like something you could do when cooking @ higher temps. Like I do with my chicken. Certainly would give it more smoke flavor.

There is also a gadjet called Smoke Daddy smokedaddy.com
It requires you drill a hole. And users claim its a pain in the a$$ to clean.
This pellethead is not so anxious to be drilling any holes in any of his baby's! :tap:
So I will post a pic tommorrow to see how much more smoke this will gererate. Hopefully its not so windy as its been here the past couple days.

04-17-2010, 03:48 PM
I found the Smokedaddy link here Lou http://www.smokedaddyinc.com/

Of course, you always could buy a Backwoods and get plenty of smoke.:msn-wink: